Going Solar

Going solar can save you a large portion of your electricity bill each month and add value to your property.

Are you interested to find out just how much you can save by implementing solar power in your home?

Why Choose Solar?

Utility bills are rising fast and its not going to stop any time soon. Combat this by opting into solar panels for your residential or commercial property. Our company installs the best brands of solar panels on all different types of properties in the local area. Request a quote today and someone from our company will get back to you about your solar panels project.

How Much Can You Save?

On an average basis you will save about 20-50% on your electric bill. Solar power gives you independence from the traditional energy sources. Another benefit of installing solar panels on your home is that it adds value to your home due to the fact that your power bills are so cheap.

Solar Installation Process

So what does the process look lke when we install solar panels on a home?

Step 1: Request A Quote

Step 2: We will submit an estimate and once you approve it, we can move forward.

Step 3: Obtain proper permits with the building safety commission.

Step 4: Install your solar panels professionally and efficiently.

Step 5: You can enjoy your working solar panels.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Solar Panels for Your Home

If you’re thinking about installing solar panels on your home, there a few reasons that you’ve probably already considered. You’ve probably thought about how you would be helping the environment by transferring your energy needs to a cleaner power source. You’ve probably also thought about the money that you would save on your energy bill. Those are both excellent reasons to consider installing solar panels on your home, but there are some other less well-known things that you should know when considering installation of solar panels on your home.

Site Conditions

Some places are more likely to benefit from solar panels than others. Some places of the country and world, such as northern latitudes or cities that are prone to overcast, might only benefit from solar panels during certain times of the year. Thankfully, in places such as Los Angeles, CA, there is a lot of sun all year long. You also need to consider factors such as shading from trees or other buildings. If you are wondering if your home would benefit from solar panels, you can contact a solar panel installer in Los Angeles CA, and they’ll come out to your property and tell you if your home would benefit from solar panels.

Installation and Paperwork Process

As you would probably expect, the installation of solar panels on your roof is a fairly quick process. It should only take a few days to a week at most. The process of applying and communicating with the utility company can be more time-consuming. If you’re interested in having the work completed by a certain time of the year, plan at least three months in advance by contacting a solar panel installer in Los Angeles CA. It’s a time-consuming process because the solar panel installer must submit paperwork for permits and wait for the permits to go through. They will also need to order materials, and they have to wait for the utility company to approve so that you are getting your energy from your solar panels, rather than the utility company.

There are several things that you must consider when you are thinking about installing solar panels. Plan ahead and contact a solar panel installer that you trust, who will be able to guide you through the process.

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